Have an animal that needs help?

Some wild babies are normally left unattended for hours at a time by their mothers. Many wild babies are NOT in need of a wildlife rehabilitator but are kidnapped by humans with good intentions. Before calling our helpline, please click on the

"By Species" tab in the main menu bar or click this button:



If you have read about nesting habits but have determined that the animal definitely needs a rehabber, it is CRITICAL that the animal be kept in a WARM, DRY, SAFE place until you can talk to one of our volunteers. Do not attempt to capture or contain any animal that is acting aggressive. Do not touch any animal with bare hands. Please do not give the animal anything to eat or drink. Feeding the wrong diet at the incorrect body temperature can KILL. Absolutely NO human infant formula, NO cow's milk, NO goats milk.

Call us immediately. (937)949-1663


W.E.S.T. a non-profit organization licensed by the Ohio Division of Wildlife. However, most Ohio Wildlife Rehabbers do not receive ANY funding from the state. We are volunteers who rely SOLELY on donations from the public. Please help us help more wild babies by making a tax-deductable donation. Even small donations help!


The approximate rehab cost per animal: (Not including vet care)

Cottontails - $15.00 

Groundhogs - $18.00

Brown Bats - $20.00

Eastern Grey Squirrels - $25.00

Skunks - $27.00

Virginia Opossums $32.00

Raccoons $40.00